In compliance with Workplace Health and Safety, we require you to obtain buried cable checks from Manitoba Hydro, MTS and any other applicable utilities such as Westman Cable BEFORE we set up your tent.
If these checks are not in place, we WILL NOT set up the tent.
Manitoba Hydro can be reached at 1-888-MBHYDRO (1-888-624-9376) and the check is good for 10 days. MTS can be reached at 1-888-365-1172 and the check is good for 7 days.
Westman Communications can be reached at 1-800-665-3337 ext 705.

Buried cable checks are a free service offered by the utilitys and we need them to keep our staff safe. You need them to prevent a loss of your utility service and costly repair bills should buried cables become damaged. Knight Rentals will not be held liable in the event of damaged cables due to improper checks.

 More information can be found at including who to call and frequently asked questions.
Thank you for your co-operation.

We take great pride in the cleanliness of our tents. We offer a vast inventory of EUREKA tents along with a couple of TENTNOLOGY tents for smaller functions.

To calculate the size of tent you need at your function, please reference the following chart;

  • Theater Seating - Allow 6sq ft/person
  • Banquet Seating Rectangular Tables - Allow 12sq ft/person
  • Banquet Seating Round Tables - Allow 15sq ft/person
  • Cocktail Parties & Receptions All Standing - Allow 6sq ft/person
  • Cocktail Parties & Receptions Some Seated - Allow 8sq ft/person
  • Dance Area - Allow 2-4sq ft/person
  • Head Table (seats 4) - Allow 100sq ft per Table
  • Beverage Area/Bar - Allow 100sq ft
  • Buffet Area - Allow 100sq ft per Table
  • Guestbook Table (8' Rectangular Table) - Allow 100sq ft
  • Cake Table (40" Round Table) - Allow 50sq ft
  • Unique Ideas (Candy Tables, Photo Areas etc) - Allow 100sq ft each

        Simply add all of the sq ft needed for your function and divide by the width of the desired Tent to get the length needed. 

        Example; A function with 150 planned guests, seated at round tables, 3 buffet tables, and a bar area:
        150 guests at Round Tables - 150x15sq ft = 2250sq ft
        3 Buffet Tables - 3x100sq ft = 300sq ft
        1 Bar Area - 1x100sq ft = 100sq ft
        Total - 2250 + 300 + 100 = 2650sq ft
Now take the total sq ft 2650 and divide by the desired width of the tent, to get the length needed
        30' wide - 2650/30 = 88.33 ft.  By referencing the Tent Sizes Chart below, we see we need a 30x90
        40' wide - 2650/40 = 66.25 ft.  By referencing the Tent Sizes Chart below, we see we need a 40x60 or a 40x80
    If we were to add a Dance Floor for 50 people, Standing Room for an additional 50 guests, and a Cake Table to the above example, we would just add this sq ft to our last total and divide by the tent width again
        Dance Floor for 50 @ 4sq ft/person - 50x4sq ft = 200sq ft (10'x20' Dance Floor)
        Standing Room for 50 - 50x6sq ft = 300sq ft
        Cake Table - 1x50sq ft = 50 sq ft
        Total - 200 + 300 + 50 = 550sq ft
        Grand Total - 2650 + 550 = 3200sq ft
Take the new total sq ft and divide by the desired width of the tent to get the needed length
        30' wide - 3200/30 = 106.66 ft. By referencing the Tent Sizes Chart below, we see we need a 30x105 or a 30x120
40' wide - 3200/40 = 80 ft. By referencing the Tent Sizes Chart below, we see we need a 40x80

Tent Sizes

One Piece

10x10  20x20  20x30  30x30  30x40 

30’ Sectional

30x30  30x45  30x60  30x75  30x90  30x105  30x120  30x135  30x150          

40’ Sectional

40x40  40x60  40x80  40x100  40x120  40x140


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